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Experience competitive trading conditions with all the best security and account protection features. HQBroker is not just an online brokerage services provider that provides its clients a trading platform and other means of buying or selling stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds, securities, and ETFs. It also helps its clients grow and easily make more effective investment choices that will help them succeed in the investing world.

Ease the process of going through numerous brokerage firms and companies by choosing HQBroker and easily compare how HQBroker has everything you’re looking for in a broker. Take the word of hundreds of traders who have experienced the difference with HQBroker and experience the benefits firsthand.

Turn the experience of our brokers and managers into your experience as well. With the help of HQBroker, there’s no need to go through the technical and long fundamentals of the financial industry and easily become acquainted with the workings of the industry. Reaching your financial and investment goals has never been easier with HQBroker.

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Experience the positive effect of HQBroker on your investment and learn more from the HQBroker review below on why you should start trading with HQBroker.

Funding Options
A list of the Deposits and Withdrawals options

Easy Fund Management

Entrust your hard-earned investment with us and watch your money grow as grow into a more experienced trader. While we allow you to learn the ins and outs of the market, your money grows, therefore, allowing you more to grow and experience bigger trading and investing opportunities.

With HQBroker, rest assured that your funds are kept under our client fund protection terms and are kept safe in a secure and safe location that’s guaranteed to be stored with transparency and accountability. The company prides itself on its highly secure and safe client fund protection with the protection being the company’s utmost priority. HQBroker boasts a lineup of professional brokers and financial officers as well as fund managers that always prioritizing placing you, your personal information, and your investment under a safety protection.

HQBroker uses a segregated and highly specialized fund management system that ensures an administered storage of client funds that’s separated from the investment firm’s own funds and assets. The company is also registered under top financial regulations firms that also work hand in hand with the company in making sure that funds from the clients are not used for the personal use of the company and its operations.

MetaTrader4 Trading Platform
MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform for Desktop and Mobile

Advanced Trading Platform

By trading with HQBroker, get an exclusive access to the company’s premium trading platform and overall investment system that offers both first time or veteran traders an effective solution in smoothly trading and executing orders. HQBroker uses a system that is installed with the latest tools and instruments used in the financial industry.

Get to experience for yourself a trading system and platform that changes as the market continually evolve every day which will allow you to grow as the industry changes. Get a better understanding of the markets with the simplified system used by HQBroker that’s complete has has everything you need in a trading application.

HQBroker’s trading platform also can be accessed anywhere. May it be your mobile phone, browser, or desktop, easily check your account, your ongoing orders, your previous transactions, and your previous records through the mobile trading platform.

Trade with ease and manage your transactions easily with HQBroker’s highly specialized trading platform that boasts advanced features and the latest tools and instruments presented in one simple and neat interface. The company fully tailored trading interface allows you to conduct informed and educated trading decisions and smart order executions without the need to pore over countless charts and data for longer periods of time. Save time and easily create trading decisions through the help of the platform’s indicators, market charts, and market calendar that will assist you in all your trading needs.

Easily navigate your way into the trading platform and explore so many ways of predicting and understanding the market movement. This will give you the edge among other traders and allow you to experience a more in-depth trading transaction and activity.

Educational Center
Trading Glossary and E-Books section available on the Educational Center

Educational Learning Center

HQBroker offers an extensive forex and financial market educational program and center that offers both beginner clients and professional investors everything they need about the latest market trends, market updates, charts, and other informative materials that will assist you in your everyday trading activity.

Our brokers are also trained in offering you deeper insights regarding the market movement and in the forex trading world in a comprehensible way that’s easy to understand and remember. This will help you remember the important aspects of the forex market paving way for the creation of effective trading strategies and techniques. HQBroker’s forex education program also includes weekly market updates, basic forex courses online, webinars, and electronic books that will help you achieve success in the financial world.


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  1. I’ve been with HQ Broker for 7 months now, and the only thing I regret is not choosing this broker earlier on. The last broker I had was a fucking scam. This so-called broker managed to lose my money from my $10,000-worth account. I asked about this and told me that I gave him my consent to handle my account while I NEVER gave any consent. When I was making more than $25,000 with my trades, they called me and threatened me to terminate my account because I was making big gains. They thought that my account was involved in a fraud activity! What kind of broker that calls you a fraud?! It’s degrading and extremely insulting! It’s not my fault I’m better than their incompetent brokers. They even planned to steal my money when I’m making huge gains by terminating my account. That was the last straw for me and I switched quickly to HQBroker. The big difference here with HQ Broker is that they are devoted to their clients to profit fast. One of their brokers Andrei would come to my aid when my trades are moving downhill. I know that he is more experience than me, considering all the opportunities he opened for me and the profits I made, but what matters most is that he still treats me like a real client with utmost respect. Right now, I have about 5 investments with a total of ROIs of $105,000. I may be just able to stay with HQ Broker for good if this continues on.

  2. Hqbroker is performing really well. Havent faced any trouble of any sort in the past 6 months. Order executions are fast with no delays. Everything looks good with my broker. Withdrawals and deposits always came on time and very convenient. Spreads, stop-loss, customer care are all good. I’m totally satisfied with its services. Really well done by Hqbroker.

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