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4 Steps to Building a Successful Investment Portfolio

A solid portfolio is key to an investor's success. In order to do that, you have to build the portfolio that best fit your approach and investment goals.

A thriving investor cannot become one without a successful investment portfolio. That is why you need an approach that will give you the right variety of investments, with a level of risk that you are satisfied with.

Constructing a solid portfolio opens the door for success and generally allows you to avoid stress that may go together with market volatility. Here are 4 steps towards building a successful investment portfolio.

Successfully building your portfolio means following these steps.
  1. Know Your Investment Goals

In order to choose which investments to focus on, you have to ask yourself this question first: Are you particularly aiming for capital growth from your investments, an income or a combination of the two?

It is important to know what you expect of your money because otherwise, you will just end up wandering the market aimlessly, which is a terrible scenario in which to find yourself.

Consider your age, the time you have to grow your investments, the amount of capital to invest, and your future capital needs.   

  1. Decide on Your Asset Allocation

Your investment approach identifies your asset allocation. Pick which asset classes and sub-classes you want to include in your baskets, and then determine the size of each of these baskets.

Take into account your personality and risk tolerance as well. Are you the type to risk some money in hopes of receiving higher returns?

Your future capital needs as well as your risk tolerance will help you decide on how your investments should be allocated among different asset classes.

Every asset class performs differently and that is why having a diversified asset allocation can help lessen overall volatility and offer you a broad range of opportunities at the same time.

  1. Select Quality Over Quantity

Upon completion of your asset allocation strategy, it is important to fill it with high quality funds per category.

Building a successful portfolio means that the basic fundamentals of your holdings are significantly vital. Even though the latest initial public offering (IPO) is promising excellent return in the short term, an IPO that is not well-built is likely to have a bad start.

  1. Monitor Your Portfolio

Investing does not stop at the moment you purchase your funds. It is imperative to keep an eye on your portfolio once invested as well as to analyze it periodically since your asset allocation could drift over time, and sometimes formerly strong funds can weaken or may need a second look.            

Once you have a constructed portfolio, you will have to assess and rebalance it from time to time given that the market’s movements may change your initial weightings.

To analyze your portfolio’s actual asset allocation, quantitatively sort out the investments and identify their values’ proportion to the whole.

The Bottom Line

Build your investment portfolio to succeed

Investing is never without risk and there is no such thing as making a perfect performance through market timing or by only picking front-runners.

Nonetheless, you can definitely build a well-balanced and properly diversified investment portfolio that could help reduce the risk and eventually lead you to success.

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